Do you know how you learn best?

Why do some students do better than others?

How does memory work and how do you improve it?

How do I find out my learning strengths?

What impact does sleep and exercise have on learning?

How do people with special needs improve as learners?

Why is neuroscience critical to sporting success and team work?


These are just some of the questions that I help answer in my work with individuals and teams. As an educator I am passionate about helping individuals improve as learners. Many young people give up on learning or fail to see themselves as a learner because of bad experiences, poor advice or lack of understanding about the learning process. 


My work as an educational consultant is to provide professional learning for teachers, students, parents, administrators and corporations about brain compatible learning using the latest neuroscience. It is based on a cooperative approach as opposed to a competitive one that sees individuals develop their unique strengths. Successful people and successful teams build firstly on their strenghts then they attend mindfully to weaknesses. 


Live Life Learning is about assisting learners of all ages make sense of the learning process by developing capabilities for effective and thoughtful thinking and actions. Students need to be educated about uncertainty, doubt, inquiry, choice and alternatives if they are going to thrive in a changing world.


Live Life Learning is about inspiring personal well-being. Parents, teachers and employers are looking for happy, well-adjusted individuals who can contribute to a healthy world and future. Schools today are complex social places. Learning how to deal with the complexities of modern day life requires an understanding of how the brain works and how emotions impact on learning. 


Brain compatible learning is an essential aspect of self-directed, life long learners.


Live Life Learning workshops explore;

  • the self-correcting, self-managing, self-accountable and self-governing behavior that happy individuals, schools, homes and organizations require to be successful
  •  the biology of learning by looking at aspects such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, emotions, engagement and the learning environment.
  • the hope, direction and insight into the human spirit.

Workshops can be tailored to suit specific requests so feel free to contact Terry at terry@livelifelearning.com.au or refer to the workshops.







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